About Howard

I actually seldom wear a tie!

Welcome to SpiritualLifeQuest.com! Here you’ll find many resources for learning and life balance.

Enchanted Childhood

I considered myself lucky to grow up on a large ranch, very rural and beautiful. Came to love nature!

Educated Beyond my Intelligence

I didn’t like formal studies in high school or college, but loved the experiences of campus and exposure to many new horizons and interest areas, especially psychology and theology. Grad school (both areas) was more fun and good foundation for life and work. In a later round of schooling, I loved multi-discipline PhD work at Claremont School of Theology (near LA) in the 9os, but you don’t get to call me “Dr. Pepper”, officially anyway. (“Life” intervened along the way.)

Eager to Educate and Help

I’ve always loved opportunities to help others and make a difference, whether as a counselor or writer/educator. I hope my posts here, or products I introduce you to may make a difference in your life! (If I can answer any questions, put them in the comments section below.)

All the Best!

Howard Pepper, MDiv, MA

Author and Educator


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